Why a good reputation is priceless in the world of personal injury law

Along with bankers, politicians and tax inspectors, lawyers suffer a chronic image problem amongst a large percentage of the population.

When even the lovable TV lawyers of modern television such as Saul Goodman are shown to be conniving liars with questionable morals, there’s little reason to believe that this public perception will change anytime soon.

Adding insult to personal injury

In an industry which is much-maligned, personal injury lawyers are one specific arm of the legal profession which suffers the wrath of public opinion. Viewed by many as ambulance-chasers, preying on the traumatized and injured throughout the land to benefit from their misfortune, PI lawyers are commonly painted in unflattering terms.

Stigmatized as being either overly aggressive in their approach, excessively priced for the perceived work they carry out, or willing to fight a cause they know to be morally reproachable, there are many reasons why the public feels disconnected from PI attorneys.

Are all PI lawyers bad?

Just as in any industry or any line of business, there’s a mixture of good and not-so-good law firms operating in this country today. While the bad firms serve to propagate the negative image, there are undoubtedly more good than bad, however, the idiom of bad news traveling faster and further has never been truer.

Lawyers are placed in a position of trust within society and when trust and honesty are broken, seismic reactions inevitably tumble out in the aftermath. As a result, it takes many years to build up a significant sense of respectability, while a reputation can be shattered within mere seconds.

Likewise, while many professional law firms work to the highest possible set of standards and ethics, this is a level of operation which is expected rather than revered from those working in the industry. Only once a law firm has been proven over a number of decades will it truly begin to achieve admiration and respect within the local community.

Advantages of earned respect

Described on their website as being a family who fights for your family, Colleran PI Attorneys is one such practice that has established themselves throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With a standing of prominence built up over years of hard work and endeavor, their experience and record now function as a badge of honor to distinguish them from their competitors.

With community involvement and client empathy the driving forces behind their success, these are qualities which many potential clients value as highly as their professionalism and effectiveness in legal matters. These are also elements which can’t be fabricated quickly or insincerely.

Improving a tarnished image

Many people enter the world of law wanting and believing they can change the world for the better. Whilst making a monumental difference to society is a rare event, incremental changes are entirely possible in each and every day of our lives.

Over time, your actions will affect people’s general perception. Creating change is a process which can take either many years or seconds to achieve, however, everything worthwhile has to be earned.

Fighting the good fight and remembering the reasons you first chose your profession from an idealist standpoint will win you respect, gratitude, and above all a good reputation.