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What are Immigration Bail Bonds? It is a scary experience for the natives of one’s country to navigate their way through the legal world. Well, if you are not a legal resident and in a foreign nation, try to imagine the horrors and the misunderstandings they may feel. It is for sure that the entire process is going to be overwhelming most especially if you get into trouble with the country’s legal system and trying to make a bail. In this matter, immigration bail bond will be the answer but, it can be confusing matter for someone who isn’t a native of the country. But so long as you have the perseverance and right amount of patience, it is possible to get away with this. Basically, immigration bail bond is a federal bond versus that of state for which you may be in charge for posting when you have been arrested or detained by the bureau of Customs Enforcement and Immigration. This is a lot different compared to being arrested by local authorities or in your local city. In the event of immigration bonds, it’s the federal government that you are dealing with.
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Immigration bond in other ways is much like a common territory for those who have tested the waters of bond and bail process. The bond that is established will give assurance to the court that the person arrested and detained will show up for all court proceedings that are scheduled.
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On the other hand, the process of immigration bond is a lot different than those we’re used to hear. First of all, if one has ever posted a cash bond, this is going to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement directly and not to the local court or jail. Next, in order to have the money issued for immigration bone, one ought to go through a licensed bail bond company or bail bondsman in handling immigration bonds. Not all the bail bondsmen have the licensed to do this so you have to be careful in doing your research. In addition to the possibility of communication problems that arise in these kinds of situations because of bail bondsman and detainee or his/her family speaking a different language, the issuance of immigration bonds may be a daunting procedure because of the different offices involved. And due to barriers that might arise when one is working with the immigration bonds, the fees charged to the process are normally higher than typical state bonds. In comparison to the average 10 percent of regular bail bonds, these fees are usually 15 to 20 percent. Well hopefully, you will never have to endure these steps but if you do, make it a point that you know what your rights are and you have someone who is familiar with the procedures and law of immigration.