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All About Prison Consulting Prison consultants are often called up in order to give advice to criminals who are newly convicted to things that they must and must not do to cope and survive during their time inside the prison. Prison consultants may also be seen giving advice to the client’s lawyer on how to lobby the sentencing judge to acquire shorter sentence and even on how to get their client be sentenced to lower security level prison since higher security prison facilities normally have more dangerous and violent criminals and even offer some advice on how to lobby the sentencing judge to get a shorter sentence. As a matter of fact, they can be seen advising disgraced politicians, high profile drug inmates, white collar as well as celebrity criminals. Consultants may charge clients from several hundreds up to thousands of dollars without promises made to clients. But say that you used their consultation services, below are the 3 common and basic knowledge that they’ll share to you. Number 1. Be sure you have cash – officers are going to strip you away from all your possessions the moment you arrived the county jail or prison. Remember that the only important things like clothing, hygiene supplies and clothing will be provided in prison. If you have some cash, they are going to put it into your personal account. With this cash, it may be used in buying food commissaries. If you need a paper and pen or eat food aside from the prison meals, you’ll have to buy it from the commissary. Number 2. Stock up on books – expect life inside prison to be mundane and repetitive. While inside, the most effective way for many to pass the time is to read books. Reading motivational book is one great way to boost your mood as well whether you believe it or not. Rather than spending time on other nonsense things, it is going to be a wiser move to get as much knowledge as you can. Ask your friends and family to buy books and have it sent to you. Keep in mind that both in county jail and prisons, they will not be accepting books given by other people directly.
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Number 3. Avoid conflict with other prisoners – just let go if you have lost a game because someone has cheated. Trying to argue with other prisoners are not worth it as it will only cause you trouble. So many things entail when you try to avoid conflicts with your inmates. Basically, there are some things to remember to steer clear of fights like not staring at anyone, not challenging anyone, don’t touch stuff of fellow inmates, don’t lie, yell or complain, don’t inquire about the offenses of other inmates and so forth.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Consultants